Monday, January 02, 2017

Ate Gay's MASHUP Fans Should Not Miss This - The Latest Compilation!

"Waray-waray! Watch me nae-nae! Waray-waray! Watch me nae-nae!" - Ate Gay

Ate Gay now became synonymous with the word MASHUP, as the Filipino Comedian is dubbed not just "Ang Pambansang Nunal ng Pilipinas" or "Kaboses ni Nora Aunor, Kamukha ni Vic Sotto" but as "The Mashup Queen/Diva/Superstar."

Mashup/Mash-up means to combine two or more songs together in one musical composition. Ate Gay's mashup is of the funniest form, given that he impersonates the one and only Superstar of the Philippines, Nora Aunor, when he sings (that's why he was discovered.) When he sings some lyrics of one particular song, he is able to combine it smoothly to some different lyrics of another song that suits perfectly with the last tune as he transitions.

The Funny Mashup Compilations started in Late 2011 by Filipino Youtuber, Harlem Jude Ferolino, known in the online video-sharing platform as The09HARLEM. With Ate Gay's Fans constantly requesting for more videos, Ate Gay extended his musical wit in his Instagram Account, @ategay08, which lead to 8 more compilation videos from The09HARLEM's Youtube Channel.

Now, Ate Gay's Funny Mashup Compilation is in it's 10th video that Mashup Fans should not miss! The compilations also lead to Ate Gay's regular TV hostings and guestings on the three largest Philippine TV Networks, ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. She had lots of concerts locally and internationally due to his fans' insistent demands.

Watch his 10th Mashup Compilation Video here:

Now, what's your favorite mashup so far? 

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"We Know the Way" from Disney's MOANA - Lyrics (Plus a Song Cover)

Moana is a 2016 3D Animation musical adventure movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It follows a spirited teenager named Moana as she journeys beyond the reef (across the Pacific Ocean) to save her people.

The film is directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, renowned for their directorial work on The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Princess and the Frog.

"We Know The Way" is performed by Opetaia Foa'i of Oceanic music group Te Vaka and Tony award winning artist Lin-Manuel Miranda

Here's a song cover video of We Know the Way sung by Harlem Jude Ferolino (me, haha).


[Intro: Opetaia Foa'i]                                       
Tatou o tagata folau e vala’auina                
E le atua o le sami tele e o mai                    
Ia ava’e le lu’itau e lelei                                

[Hook 1: Chorus, Opetaia Foa'i]
Aue, aue                                                         
Nuku i mua                                                    
Te manulele e tataki e                                  
Aue, aue                                                          
Te fenua, te mālie                                         

Nae ko hakilia mo kaiga e                          
[Verse 1: Lin-Manuel Miranda]
We read the wind and the sky when the sun is high
We sail the length of the seas on the ocean breeze
At night, we name every star
We know where we are
We know who we are, who we are

[Hook 2: Chorus, Lin-Manuel Miranda]
Aue, aue
We set a course to find
A brand new island everywhere we roam
Aue, aue
We keep our island in our mind
And when it's time to find home
We know the way

[Hook 3: Chorus, Lin-Miranda Miranda]
Aue, aue
We are explorers reading every sign
We tell the stories of our elders in a never-ending chain
Aue, aue
Te fenua, te mālie
Nā heko hakilia
We know the way