Friday, March 30, 2012

READING LOGS 4: Aries Rising

Aries Rising 

by Bonnie Hearn Hill

-Part 1-

1.) Reflect - I like the idea of having an Astrology Book that helps you achieve your goals. Logan was just so determined on doing what she wanted to happen, of course with the help of her new bestfriend: Fearless Astrology. Fortunately, she succeeded. She impressed Mr. Frankenstein and got a slot in the summer writing camp in Monterey, she got a date with Nathan, and she kept her "Star-Crossed" Column in their school paper. What I had predicted at the middle pages was of course the identity of the "Gears of War". I had predicted that Nathan and his friends are the members of the Gears, though I still did not have enough evidences but I suspected them before I went through the last pages. I was even shocked that Geneva is also one of the Gears. The one who's aggressiveness is too obvious was the one I had suspected the least. I was just sad that Nathan still chose Geneva over Logan. :(