Wednesday, February 29, 2012

READING LOGS 3: Dorothy and Agatha

Dorothy and Agatha 
by:Gaylord Larsen


Reflect- Dorothy was so uncertain. She was hopeless. She cannot come up with a decision that can address to the case. Agatha and her ideas had chained every situation and evidences they had gathered.

Connect – I love watching investigative series and as I read this, I can relate it to what I previously watching. The story was the same. It covered a murder case that deals with being greedy and of self interest. The conflict can be applied in real life. I think that it has a universal plot for it has the same plot as the other novels and TV series. The theme is similar of the investigative series I used to watch. 

Question- I wonder why inspector Petry did not think of other possible situation on the case. He was just focusing that is was a suicide. Why would a detective think that way? I also wonder why Mr. Mac Fleming appeared and revealed the truth by the time that the killer already had a chance to kill Dorothy. He hid himself all the time as if he was really scared of what will happen to him.

Predict – I think after the case was resolved Dorothy will be at ease. She will not be bothered anymore of the murder in her house. Agatha will also be at eased for the crime was solved. The murderer will be punished for the things she had done. The Flemings will start a new life and will bury the scenario they had overcome in their lives.