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READING LOGS 2: The Name of This Book is Secret

The Name of This Book is Secret
Author: Pseudonymous Bosch
January 29, 2012

1. Reflect - I like how Pseudonymous Bosch (that's what we call him or her) narrates the story that he communicates directly to the readers. Cassandra and Max-Ernest were trying to solve the mysteries behind the symphony of smells - the box full of scent vials, the old diary of an eccentric magician Pietro Bergamo who has vanished under strange circumstances, and the disappearance of Benjamin Blake who has a Synesthesia - a kind of sensational disorder which have been the cause of his disappearance. These adventures are too complex for kids like them but they really were capable to handle it. They are very brave to risk and kudos to them because they are kids!

I like the book because it contains hidden codes to discover, brain-twisting riddles to be solved, audacious kidnappings and nefarious villains to encounter. The partnership of Cas and Max-Ernest makes up the story's adventurous-funny-exciting mood, though Max-Ernest has that talking problems which somehow annoys me through his long structured sentences which contains some non-important things in Cas's life, in my life, and in anybody's life. 

2. Connect - I was laughing when I was thinking what to write here. I have thought about how Cassandra prepares for disasters that might befall to her, to her family, and to her friends. She was all geared up - she carries a lot of stuffs from flashlight to compass, ropes to first-aid kit, dust masks to matches, topographic maps, extra pair of socks, matches, plastic knife to bubble gums! She also brings schoolbooks and homework when she remembers, which is not very often. None of the disasters she predicted had befallen her.

I remembered a time when I was with my grandmother at home, and I somehow have heard of a scheduled brownout that is going to happen at 7pm that night. It's 6pm and I planned to get ready before the brownout strikes. I shut down my computer, got the lighter on my hand, gathered some candles, and even messaged my friends that I am ready for the brownout. It's 6:59 on my watch then I started lighting up the candles so there would be no shocking darkness at 7pm!

It's 7pm! And there were no signs of brownout. I thought of the "Filipino Time" so I did not put the candles' lights off in case my watch is a bit advanced. 10 minutes have passed but still, no brownouts have come so I decided to put the lights off. Like Cas, I was so "geared up" at that night but it turned up so shameful to set candles around even when the lights are on - It was like being too advanced for All Soul's Day.

3. Question - I am just wondering about Max-Ernest's parents that they did not even think they are causing a lot of stress to their son. Also, how did Max-Ernest able to minimize his annoying talking problems for a day or was that a week? Did his parents stopped rephrasing the sentences of the other while speaking to him? I'm asking about these things because if Max-Ernest continue being so talkative, what could it be like? Will they be too late to save Benjamin Blake? Will they fail to unlock the secret inside the magician's notebook?

4. Predict - I think Cassandra and Max-Ernest, like Benjamin Blake, will also be in danger after becoming members of the Terces Society. For sure, they will soon be trained how to be like the Bergamo Brothers and discover the dangerous secret thereafter. And as the training goes by, I think Max-Ernest will soon have his talking problems gone. The partnership of Cass and Max-Ernest will be of a great help to the Terces Society in fighting the Masters of the Midnight Sun. Soon enough, Cass can use her survivalist items more frequently - or just frequently - than before. For short, a great change in their lives will make the tandem more mature and less corny.


Part 2 : Pretend this book will be made into a movie. Make a movie poster on large paper and put the stars who will play the main characters on it. Must be colorful, and follow other advertisements for movies. (Have a HOOK- to draw people to the movie)


To the Young Women of Malolos - Rizal's Main Idea

           Jose Rizal's main idea in his letter to the young women of Malolos is that since mothers are the first teachers of their children, he wants the women to be well educated so that they can be efficient in teaching their children.

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Mi Ultimo Adios (English Translation and Interpretation)

Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell)
This 14-stanza poem of Jose Rizal talks about his “Goodbyes” to his dear Fatherland where his love is dedicated to. He wrote it on the evening before his execution.

Farewell, dear Fatherland, clime of the sun caress'd
Pearl of the Orient seas, our Eden lost!,
Gladly now I go to give thee this faded life's best,
And were it brighter, fresher, or more blest
Still would I give it thee, nor count the cost.

On the field of battle, 'mid the frenzy of fight,
Others have given their lives, without doubt or heed;
The place matters not-cypress or laurel or lily white,
Scaffold or open plain, combat or martyrdom's plight,
T is ever the same, to serve our home and country's need.